Saturday, February 28, 2009

In Atlanta

I made it to Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon and came right over to Jenni and Jon's to meet Tilden. I must say, I'm in love... how could you not be? So as of late, this is how I have been spending my time:

Giving Tilden his first bath

Reading while Tilden sleeps on me - my all time favorite

There's plenty more that we have done - gone on errands, taken Tilden for his first portrait, among other things. If you'd like to see what else we have been doing while I have been here, check out Jenni's blog. It has been a great trip and I'm sure that I will have a hard time leaving, but I'm not going to think about that since it's still 10 days away.

On the home front, I talked to Mike and he is working on getting everything finished at the house - seriously! The bathroom is 100% done (which I think I have mentioned before) but I learned today that the kitchen is 100% complete, as well. That leaves painting trim in our bedroom, installing and finishing trim in the living room, and finishing the closet in the front bedroom. Mike says that it will all be done when I get home so we'll see.

Time to get back to watching Tilden do whatever it is he is doing. It's a rough life here in Atlanta!

Monday, February 16, 2009


It's been a couple of weeks but that is mainly because Mike and I have been traveling over the past two weeks. Last week we went on one of our "mini-honeymoons" since we didn't take a real honeymoon after the wedding. We went to Steamboat Springs and stayed at the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. The first night we stayed in the caboose and the next night we stayed in one of the cabins. The hot springs were fabulous and very relaxing. And because we were staying on site, we were able to go before they springs opened in the morning and after they closed at night to soak. We only did it once but it was so cool to be the only ones down there. We also went cross country skiing at Steamboat Lake and overall relaxed and did nothing at all. Here are a few pictures...

Mike hanging off the caboose, our lodging for the first night

Cross country skiing

Down at the hot springs on our way back to Denver

As we got back in to town on Friday I got a message that Jenni was in labor!! I was excited, to say the least, and kept being antsy that I was missing a call or something about the baby. I was on the phone multiple times that night and the next morning with family to find out any news but Tilden didn't make his arrival until 12:42 EST the following day. He sure is cute though! I was glad to be able to see pictures of him that very night! I can't imagine what it would be like to have to wait days for a picture to come in the mail - thank goodness for technology! I'm very excited to be going to see them in just over a week - I hear he likes to be held a lot so it's my duty as an aunt to keep him happy by holding him.

So I worked some more over the past week (there are finally kids on the unit who are sick) and then on Saturday we loaded up the truck with 4 people and a dog to go up to Estes Park and stay in a cabin for a couple days. We stayed at a county park, Hermit Park, which used to be owned by Hewlitt-Packard and was some place that Mike had come to visit with his family 20 years ago or so when both his parents worked for HP. We actually stayed in the same cabin that they stayed in and Mike says that the curtians are the same as they were then.

This winter has been very warm in Colorado so there wasn't enough snow to go snowshoeing, but we did hike on Sunday which was nice. It tired out the dogs so both Trucker and Jager (Sonya's dog) were sleeping very well last night. There were a total of 10 of us the first night and 7 of us the second night staying up there. We had a lot of fun - campfires, good food, games, and again, doing nothing at all. It was a great group of people, some of whom we don't get to hang out with all that often, so that was nice, too.

The next few days will be pretty crazy in getting ready for the trip to Atlanta. But I hear that when I get home from Atlanta the house will be almost complete so that's exciting... we'll see how that actually goes.