Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random thoughts on reading

You know you have found a book your husband is interested in when you get home and find him reading. Well, OK, maybe I'm just talking about my husband. For my book club we read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It is kind of post-apocalyptic which is something Mike loves so I recommended it to him. I personally finished the book in a day of doing nothing but reading (I haven't done that in years - it was so nice!) so I gave it to him to read. And what do you know, he really liked it. So when the my friend gave my the second book, Catching Fire, I first offered it to him to read because I was in the middle of a book already. He looked at it and decided he didn't really want to read it so I put it on my side of the bed. In the meantime, I started reading it because I couldn't wait. But tonight, when I get home from work, there he was lying in bed reading my book! Good thing I knew exactly where I left off. I must say I have never had a book that I had to share - two people reading it at one time! I'm just waiting for him to get to bed so I can steal it and read some before I head off to sleep.

As an aside, the premise of the story does sound weird and a little gruesome. In my opinion it would be too gruesome for a movie but apparently that is in the works? But it really is a good book - and a fast read. It's young adult but don't let that deter you - it's a real page turner.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

You can still camp while pregnant - although I don't know for how long

One thing that Mike and I love to do is to go camping. We talk about how we'll make it work next summer with a six four month old, but that honestly just will have to be determined at that time. I know, it's most likely not going to happen next summer but I can wish right?

After being at the hospital for some reason or another for 8 days straight, Mike suggested we go camping. I suggested we wait and give me at least a day at home to chill out but then we did go camping. We were at the trail head by noon and were at the campsite and had eaten by 12:45 (that's what happens when the campsite is only a mile from the parking lot). I was still exhausted from working so much so Mike went out for a longer hike but Trucker and I stayed put to relax. I read and snoozed but Trucker thought the Thermarest I put out was for him to lay on, so I unfortunately had to share (yes, I'm a sucker and I love my dog...).

We had a lot of fun but I'm not much of a good sleeper while camping anyway and I normally lay on my stomach to sleep in the tent and that's not comfy at all right now. We left early the next morning to head back to town but it was a nice escape in to the woods. We were the only people out there and had a great view of downtown Denver. When I can find my USB cable, I'll upload the pictures. So all in all - a mini-backpacking trip within a 40 minute drive of home and a view of the city at night. It wasn't bad at all. The is the Colorado we can't wait to share with our little one!

All that said, hiking I'm sure I'll continue doing here and there but I'm not sure about camping. That sleeping on the hard ground (even with a Thermarest) just isn't comfortable these days!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update from appointment #2

Mike and I went to see the OB this morning for our second appointment. When we got there, his medical assistant told us he had to run over to the hospital to check on a patient and that he may or may not be there for a while. She asked if it was OK if the other doctor in the practice saw me if my doctor wouldn't make it back and I said that was fine. I figure at some point I should probably meet him just in case he has to deliver my child instead of my own doctor. Today wasn't that day though.

After waiting a mere 5-10 minutes, Dr Breeden stuck his head in and asked if we wanted to see the baby. They have an ultrasound machine in the office and many of my girlfriends from work have gone to this group and they all say the same thing - they'll give you an ultrasound every time if you want. I didn't ask for it, but of course we were happy that he offered. Originally they had put us in the room with no ultrasound machine so I thought we wouldn't see it today, just hear the heartbeat by Doppler. Mike was a little disappointed, too. So Dr Breeden said that he didn't want us waiting around all morning since he had to go do an emergency c-section so he took us in to the ultrasound room, took some pictures, said everything looks great, and sent us on our way with instructions to come back in a month. He also gave me a prescription for pregnancy cleared headache medicine. I don't think I'm going to get it filled right away but it's nice to have since the headaches were so crazy the past couple of weeks. The whole appointment took a total of about 8 minutes once we were with him (maybe even less) and I guess this is how most of the appointments will be - pee in a cup, get weighed, get measured, maybe see an ultrasound, and schedule for a month from then.

While he did print out pictures for us today, they aren't very good quality so I don't feel like you'd even be able to tell what they look like. Therefore, I'm not going to share them, but I can tell you the baby was moving a lot and he had a hard time getting the baby still enough to finally count the heart beat (in the 150s) and that the baby waved to us during the ultrasound. I was able to pick out the spine, the arms and legs, and we even saw the baby's profile. Ultrasound is truly an amazing thing!

One of the many pros to the group that I have chosen is the proximity to the hospital. I am delivering at the same hospital that I work at and their office is directly across the driveway from the hospital on the same property. So when he ran over to check this woman in labor, he was still able to run back, do my appointment, and get back before she was fully prepped and the OR was ready to do the c-section. Also, I know that if anything were to happen while I was at work, they would be 100% open to me coming over so they could take a look. There is a closer hospital to our house but for me it was important to deliver where I work. There is no place else I would want my baby if it needed to be in the NICU and they have the best high risk practice around and the doctor is nationally renowned (if for some reason I had to go high risk). Also, whenever I'm ready to have this baby, I want to know my doctor is a 2 minute walk from the hospital during working hours!