Sunday, August 8, 2010

You can still camp while pregnant - although I don't know for how long

One thing that Mike and I love to do is to go camping. We talk about how we'll make it work next summer with a six four month old, but that honestly just will have to be determined at that time. I know, it's most likely not going to happen next summer but I can wish right?

After being at the hospital for some reason or another for 8 days straight, Mike suggested we go camping. I suggested we wait and give me at least a day at home to chill out but then we did go camping. We were at the trail head by noon and were at the campsite and had eaten by 12:45 (that's what happens when the campsite is only a mile from the parking lot). I was still exhausted from working so much so Mike went out for a longer hike but Trucker and I stayed put to relax. I read and snoozed but Trucker thought the Thermarest I put out was for him to lay on, so I unfortunately had to share (yes, I'm a sucker and I love my dog...).

We had a lot of fun but I'm not much of a good sleeper while camping anyway and I normally lay on my stomach to sleep in the tent and that's not comfy at all right now. We left early the next morning to head back to town but it was a nice escape in to the woods. We were the only people out there and had a great view of downtown Denver. When I can find my USB cable, I'll upload the pictures. So all in all - a mini-backpacking trip within a 40 minute drive of home and a view of the city at night. It wasn't bad at all. The is the Colorado we can't wait to share with our little one!

All that said, hiking I'm sure I'll continue doing here and there but I'm not sure about camping. That sleeping on the hard ground (even with a Thermarest) just isn't comfortable these days!

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  1. Your little one can visit Colorado. Move home!!!