Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Colin month by month

I have downloaded pictures and finally gotten to start organizing so I though it'd be fun to see what Colin looked like month to month in his first year.  Here's the result.  It's incredible how he looks like himself and looks nothing like himself all at the same time in the earlier pictures.

Our house!!!

Why does it always seem that we are starting a post with something like "I know, it's been a month (or two, or three)" but alas, I'm working to get caught up.  I finally have a computer desk set up so it will be a little easier to keep little hands away while I'm trying to work on things like blog posts.

We are still living in the apartment and the walls haven't closed in... yet.  As things stand right now, we'll be in the house near the beginning of August.  Here are a few pictures of what it looks like over the past month or so.

April 27th - broken ground and foundation walls

We thought it looked smaller than we were expecting... until we saw what Mike looked like in the basement

May 13th - the start of the second story going up

May 18th - we could finally walk around the first floor and see the floor plan again

Our first family portrait!

Our backyard (currently torn up for the septic field, hopefully grass will grow soon after we move in)

View from the master bedroom

May 23rd - All the windows (except for one above the garage apparently) and doors have been installed
Luckily the house is 5 minutes from the apartment and only slightly off the trip from daycare to home so between the two of us we drive by multiple times a week.  I know once we get past the big things like walls going up and (hopefully in the next few weeks) the exterior going up, it will seem much slower but I'm so excited that we have a move in date (knock on wood).