Saturday, November 20, 2010

I know it's been a while...

But I find publishing to the blog falls to the way-side when you are working a mixture of night and day shifts and averaging 5 shifts/week of 12 hours each. Luckily, I'll be heading out of town for 8 days on Tuesday morning so I won't have to worry about work for that time. So please forgive me for falling down on posts and keep our patients and their families in your prayers - and throw in an extra for my sanity as well.

In the way of what else has been going on, we had our 27-28 week appointment this past Thursday and all looks good. The baby, however, has decided it really doesn't want to flip to be in the correct direction (it has been breech at every ultrasound so far). So now I have an ultrasound appointment every two weeks starting right after Thanksgiving (and every 2 weeks is normal for how often to go once you get to 30 weeks, it's the ultrasound that's different than normal). The doctor said that he wants to be able to document the head flipping down and if it hasn't by 34 weeks we'll have a conversation about options. I definitely DO NOT want a c-section so I'll do almost anything I have to... let's just hope that we don't have to worry about that. (As an aside, I still don't know what it's like to be kicked in the ribs all the time but my bladder is definitely up to par on what it feels like to be kicked.)

Also, the growth has finally slowed down. Instead of measuring at least a week big, the baby is right on target. Now the "if you go to term" weight prediction is 7.5 lbs rather than 8 lbs so I'm a little more at ease about that. My weight gain has leveled off as well... at least until I get to Thanksgiving!

I really can't believe that in as little as 10 weeks I could have a little one in my arms! It's been an exciting journey and I'm sure that I'll have many more pieces of the journey to enjoy in the next 2 months. I especially can't wait to hold him or her in my arms and cuddle as much as possible!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Moose the bully

Ever since Mike and I noticed this about a year ago, I have been trying to get this series of photos taken - but I always seem to miss one here or there.
Basically what happens is Oliver starts out in the big bed, Moose then hovers for a few minutes until he decides to join Oliver in the big bed. They share the bed for a few minutes but Moose HAS to keep inching into Oliver such that finally, Oliver jumps out of the bed and Moose sleeps all by himself.

My favorite part of these pictures is Moose's expression. He is just so nonchalantly looking over Oliver's shoulder, then he has the ticked off look when he's having to share, followed ultimately by the best sleep he ever has had, clearly!It's hilarious because the bed is obviously large enough for both cats - and probably another small cat - but Moose just will not share. It's not just the beds in the bay window, either. He does it in the bed we have in our bedroom of even if Oliver is just sleeping next to me at night.

Moose is just a big bully - a very cute bully, but a big bully nonetheless.