Thursday, June 16, 2011

4 Months Old

My how the time has flown by... Colin is officially 4 months old (almost 4 and a half months old) so I figured now was as good of a time as any to share his most recent stats:
I'm gonna get you, Pooh Bear
Weight: 13 lbs, 14.5 oz (30th percentile)
Height: 25 inches (50th percentile)

You will notice though, he does have chunky thighs so he's growing well.  He got all his shots and did much better this time than last time.  For his 2 month shots, he was inconsolable and cranky and would not calm down (yes, they all mean the same thing, I realize).  This time, however, he was cranky but would calm down and slept quite well (like last time).

There are so many things that he is doing that he hasn't been doing before that I'm sure I'm going to miss something...

He is still working on sucking his thumb.  He will suck his thumb all day but once you put him in the bed, it's pacifier or nothing.  My theory is that he loves to touch things as he falls asleep so much that he wants both hands free.  Twice in one night last week I did catch him sucking his thumb but those times are few and far between.  I'm still torn on if I would like him to have the paci or the thumb.  He can find the thumb so easily but I know how hard it is to break the habit.  For a couple weeks he would even put his hand on his head and slide his hand down his face to put his thumb in his mouth.  Since then he has learned how to find his mouth without doing this but it sure was cute while it lasted.

He has to have something soft to put up to his face as he falls asleep.  He still will only sleep on his tummy (unless he's in the swing or the carseat) and now his face tends to be buried next to a blanket or his elephant with his hands under his tummy and his butt in the air.  When we are in the car and it's near his "nap" time (in quotes because the child will not actually nap for longer than 20-40 minutes so I have a hard time calling it a nap), I make sure to have a blanket or his elephant in the seat next to him so that he can cuddle.  When he gets tired, just give him a blanket of any kind (this kid loves fabric) and he'll put it next to his face and close his eyes.  That may or may not mean he'll actually nap though - see above.

He loves his ExerSaucer.  It's so much fun seeing him go from needing to be propped by blankets to actually having his feet hit the bottom of the saucer and not needing a blanket unless he's getting tired.  It goes along with the fact that he loves to stand, too.  He'd do that for hours given the chance.

He really has so much personality and will tell you exactly what he wants.  He'll fuss like crazy when you put him in the carseat most times and the second you unbuckle him he arches his back and squirms to get out.  He's not really safe in the Bumbo on the table anymore because he'll buck out of that the second he decides he doesn't like it, too.  He is such a flirt - he'll just look at you very seriously for a few seconds then break in to this huge grin.  I could honestly watch him do that all day long.

Sleeping is something that we're still working on, but I'm hoping that once he is more mobile he'll make himself more tired during the day.  He still is great at rolling from front to back and is so close to going from back to front.  He will see something that he wants to look at and arch his back so that he ends up on his side but will not fully turn over.  I know it must be coming soon... and then I'll be wishing I hadn't said "I can't wait for him to roll over from front to back..." because I'm sure he'll be a rolling machine.

Every day is so much fun (and such a learning experience).  Just when I think he's got some kind of schedule, he changes his ways.  I know that's what it is supposed to be but it still takes me off guard sometimes.  Daddy will be home this weekend and I know that he will be shocked at the new things he can do!  Can't wait to update with Father's Day festivities!

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  1. Oh Katie! He is so smiley and sweet! I love those happy photos