Sunday, January 6, 2013

Potty Training

We haven't started any kind or hard core training here yet but C has definitely started showing interest. In the fall he started saying "Eww eww" when he had a poopy diaper. When we were in Indiana he said it before he actually pooped and sat down on the adult potty once or twice but nothing big. Now he tells us "Eww eww" for any kind of diaper that needs to be changed - wet or dirty.

The past few days he has been interested in actually sitting on the potty - but has no desire to take his pants an diaper off before hand. In fact tonight he was quite upset to take off his diaper even though he really wanted to sit on the potty. He did finally decide to take off his pants and diaper but did nothing except sit for a few seconds, get up, run to the kitchen for a cracker, come back and sit some more. Most people seem to use M&Ms or something sweet to aid in potty training... Apparently C would be happy with just crackers.

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