Thursday, September 16, 2010

My current favorite blog reading

I, just like my sister, love to read blogs. Blog reading has gotten me back in touch with college friends, high school friends, and shown me other people's viewpoints and thoughts. I also like to run across craft ideas, meal ideas (which I'm desperately needing these days), and I get my news by way of Google Reader, too.

Every once in a while I go looking for new blogs to read. My Google Reader is full of all kinds of great blogs but I like to refresh every once in a while. Some of my go-to blogs (in addition to friends and family of course) are Dooce, The Spohrs Are Multiplying, and matt, liz and madeline. These blogs mostly have a back story and so if you are going to start reading any of these, I'd recommend reading the "About Me" section, but they are all beautifully written and all have become well known blogs, two of which have even started non-profits relating to what they have gone through.

Like I said though, I like to find new blogs. Since my current mindset is family and babies, I did a Google search for "best baby blogs" which lead me to Top Baby Blogs. I got back every once in a while because it's a "top list" that is recompiled constantly based on click-throughs from the page. Therefore, while there are always some good ones that remain in the top few spots, it's also always possible to see new blogs, too. This is where I have found my new favorite blog - This Place is Now a Home. What's fun about this blog is that it is a man and a woman who share posting. They classify it as "He Said, She Said". They don't post on the same topics, for the most part, but they each bring unique ideas to what they are posting on. I think another reason I love this blog so much is that their baby is a new born - I started reading when he was 4 weeks old, I think - which was just a few weeks ago - and so they are going through what we'll be going through in a few short months (did I mention that you can now count how many months until the baby is born on ONE hand?!?). She has really good insight on mothering and being a first time mom so it's really interesting to read.

What are the blogs you are reading these days??

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