Thursday, September 16, 2010

3rd appointment ... almost time for my 4th!

There really were no big updates from my 3rd appointment a few weeks ago. The doc did a Doppler of the heartbeat which he said was perfect and he also noted that the baby was moving around a lot an trying to get away from the Doppler so that was a good sign as well. My blood pressure is fine, my weight gain is perfect... so apparently things are going smoothly. I also had a quad screen. I didn't feel much of a need to do this just because the outcome would not make any difference to what happened in the long run, but we ended up doing it just because. Turn out, apparently I couldn't have had a more normal screen so it's just another indication things are going as they should.

Believe it or not, I go back for my mid-pregnancy ultrasound a week from today! That is when they will confirm measurements, make sure the baby is growing, and do lots of looking at organs and making sure everything looks alright. If there is anything odd-looking at all he will refer me to OBX, the high risk pregnancy group at the hospital, for an even more in depth ultrasound. And since I'm sure many of you are wondering, will we find out the sex?? I think that I won't know the actual answer until we get in the room, but as of now we are leaning towards not finding out. And Mike even agreed with me on that one. So, we'll let you know what we decide after the appointment next week - but for now you have to keep wondering.

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