Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rockin' the Impala

Last Monday I was on my way to work for a meeting. I was driving in the left lane of a one way street and noticed this minivan turning in to my lane. I'm not talking that she was coming in to my lane about to side swipe me, she was doing a full left hand turn in to my lane. The only thing I can think is that she thought she was in the middle of a two way street and so it didn't occur to her to look to see if the left hand turn she was about to make would cause her to t-bone a car coming up on her left driving in the same direction she was. I tried to get out of the way but that was basically futile so I was t-boned in the passenger side (luckily no one was in the car with me and it wasn't on to my side). No one was hurt though I did go to the OB since I was already on the way to the hospital as it was. I was fairly shaken up but had no problems and was given a clean bill of health later in the week at my almost-24 week appointment (after he did an ultrasound just to be sure).

I thought pictures would be good to share - but first I had to get them from the collision place that is currently repairing the car. Among other things such as getting the license plate of the other car or calling the police, I also forgot to take pictures before I took the car to get repaired. USAA has been fabulous to deal with and lucky for me the other insurance company has been great as well. The only thing left to be seen is if they will have everything settled before I get my car back next week. And until then, I'll be rockin' the Impala courtesy of Enterprise. I'll definitely be glad to get my own car back though!

Here are some pictures. It's not as bad as the $3800 estimate makes it out to be but basically the front door wouldn't open at all and the back door would open about an inch. So the front door had to be fully replaced and the back door had to have the outer portion replaced (whatever that's called).

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