Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back in Denver

I'm back at home... I was really having a hard time saying goodbye to Jenni and Tilden first then Mom later as I was leaving town yesterday. I wanted to just pack the baby up and bring him back to Denver. Well, I didn't really, but if that option were to ever exist, I'd bring him to Denver! Jenni and Jon will just have to visit sometime soon so Mike and I can introduce Tilden to hiking and living Colorado style!

I got home to a house that is almost 100% done, just like Mike said it'd be. The living room has trim installed that just needs to be stained. There is a doorway with trim between the living room and front bedroom but installing the door is a 2 person job so he had to wait until I got home to finish. There is trim in the front bedroom and a closet door on the closet with just 2 pieces of trim needed on that for the room to be done. The master and kitchen are both 100% done as is the bathroom and downstairs - for the time being. My dream (that may not ever actually come true) is to renovate the bathroom down there to get the shower in the same room as the rest of the bathroom and add a wall to split the big family room in to two rooms and have a full on guest suite down there (and when not in use the guest room would transition in to an office). I'm very excited that the house is so close to done now! This spring/summer we are going to finish the landscaping (which includes repairing the fence - we've had lots of wind this winter which is wreaking havoc with the fence).

I also got to go to a shower today for a girl from work. Since I started in my job 19 months ago, there has not been one single, solitary day when one of the nurses has not been pregnant. Much of the time, in fact, there have been at least two pregnant at a time. So needless to say, there were almost more kids at the shower than adults - but we won out 11 to 9. The next baby is due in April so we were celebrating. In addition to the large group gift I went in on, I also gave 3 burp cloths. Everyone really liked them and we started talking about other things that I could make as baby gifts. We talked about the nursing covers - previously talked about on this blog - as well as pacifier holders (which apparently are useful - who'd have guessed), shopping cart covers, car seat covers, and bags used specifically to hold diapers and wipes so you can just take that (or to just keep them organized in the diaper bag) called Diapees & Wipees among other names. So apparently there is quite a market out there for these things... who knew??

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  1. Jon, Tilden, and I miss you tons! But we are glad you are back home safely. Love you!