Thursday, April 23, 2009

Full and Happy

For anyone that knows me well, you know I'm slightly in love with Chick-Fil-A. Before I moved here, it wasn't out of the question for me to eat Chick-Fil-A every day for lunch. Seriously, when I moved to Denver, I specifically went to the website to find out where the closest CFA would be. And it wasn't exactly close - I have been known to drive out of my way just to have Chick-Fil-A. And before today, the closest one was almost half an hour away... and yes, I would drive that far for Chick-Fil-A. When I took Mike to Atlanta with me for the first time, I took him to the orignial Dwarf House in Hapeville where he had a good time going through the dwarf door as you can see below. I graduated from Berry College which has a strong relationship with Chick-Fil-A; Winshape Foundation is located on Mountain Campus and you can even see a picture of the Old Mill in most CFA restaurant locations.

So when Mike and I moved in our place last year, I heard rumors that there may be one opening at River Point Sheridan a mile or so from our place and have been actively seeking out the information as to when it would be opening. Lo and behold, the day arrived today!!! (And for the record, I went twice - once for breakfast and once for dinner; I know I'm crazy.) I was drawn by the big inflatable cow hanging out on Santa Fe (picture courtesy of my camera phone).

In going at breakfast time, I got the coolest travel mug ever!! If I had been more on top of it and hadn't worked last night, I would have shown up yesterday and camped out for my 52 free CFA meals. (OK, probably not, at least not without Mike, but I have done stranger things...) In talking to the staff there, they started registering the First 100 at 6 AM yesterday and by 2:00 or so yesterday afternoon all 100 were accounted for. Those are some die-hard fans, more so than me!

When I was there for dinner, I saw Dan Cathy and almost got a tour of the kitchen. I had been talking to the owner/operator of one of the other stores and she said when I was finished eating she'd take me on a tour of the kitchen which would have been very cool! But alas, we missed each other and I felt kind of silly walking around looking for her - and she had many other things going on, as well. Dan Cathy seemed very nice, talking to all of the staff and some of the patrons as well. I was quite impressed with the whole thing - just a crazy, busy day for them with tons of tons of people on hand, but they handled it well. And I thoroughly enjoyed both trips to the restaurant today. Now I just have to convince myself that I'm not supposed to be going all that often...


  1. That's too neat! I'm glad you saw Dan - I was going to tell you, he comes to EVERY grand opening and camps out with the first 100 people! He has a little pup tent he brings and everything!! I'm so excited for you. Our closest one from Jasper is 15-20 minutes (depending how hungry I am...). I, too, am a die-hard CFA afficianado!


  2. Kay, I am so thrilled for you!!! I know what a big deal this is for you. I love and miss you. Remember if you move back to Atlanta and be our nanny then there is one less than a mile from here.

  3. Awesome! I know your quality of life just went up massively; as a life without the Chic is just bad.