Sunday, April 12, 2009

I love Google!

OK, so I don't really love it, and I'm not for one company having Internet domination, but I really do like Google. You may be wondering how I did my header for the blog - Google Picasa. It has a collage function and so I took some photos of our family and morphed it in to a collage, re-sized it to fit the blog correctly (the right size so that you don't have to scroll across the bottom to see the whole thing - that's a huge pet peeve of mine) and voila! Picasa is also how I share albums with my friend and family.

Where do I get most of my news? Google News - it's the home page to all the Internet browsers on my computer. Need to chat with someone - open up Google Talk, or just use it from Gmail. What's even more fun is that you can have it signed in on Gmail but be "Invisible" so you can start talking only if you want to (now you know why you can't see me but I start talking to you all the same - the secret is out!!). Google Calendar is wonderful for me - it's how I keep track of my life - but also for my family. On my calendar, I have a shared calendar that has my work schedule. So they know when I'm working which is helpful since I'm on a different schedule all the time - some days on day shift, sometimes night shift. My favorite map program is Google Maps.

Another fun thing that Google has is Google Labs. They are always coming up with new programs - and some of the most random programs. And you can't forget to mention the April Fools Day jokes they always run. It never fails, I will look at the screen for a few minutes and contemplate what they are saying before remembering it's April Fools Day.

Oh, and let's not forget Blogger, without which you wouldn't be reading this mind-numbing, random blog entry. I hope you enjoyed it!!

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  1. Google maps = super cool. I looked up our house on Woodstream and Newlands this past weekend. You can see both houses from the street view. Crazy! I couldn't remember dad's address, so I didn't do that one. Love you!