Monday, June 1, 2009

Hawaii here we come!

OK, not exactly, but things are certainly falling in to place. Our backpacking permit information got to us earlier this week. Our four nights on the Kalalau Trail will be as follows: one night at the start of the trip at the Hanakoa campsite, 2 nights on the beach at Kalalau, and one night on the way back at Hanakoa. For those counting, that is 6 miles in the first night, 5 miles the next day and two nights to relax, 5 miles back the fourth day, and 6 miles back to the car on the final day.

After 4 nights of tent and beach sleeping, we will spend 5 nights in a house in the town of Kileau, HI. The house has easy access to many beaches, a kitchen to make our own meals, and a hot tub to relax. (I think the hot tub is what I'm looking forward to the most - which is odd since I will be IN HAWAII!!) The last 4 nights we'll be near the airport, just out side of Lihue, at a resort. We haven't decided 100% where we will be staying, but it's looking more and more like the Hilton. I'm so excited about that, too, because as much as I will like being in the house, I'm also excited about getting to be in a nice resort where there is a pool, a waterslide, other people to talk to, and the beach just a short walk away.

Even if we do NOTHING other than sit around for the entire 13 days we are there, I'll be blissfully happy and relaxed when I come back to the real world. And of course, I'm sure, knowing us (or at least my husband) there will be very little "sitting around". How about I let him go off and do all kinds of things and I spend two weeks on the beach?!? Sounds good to me!

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