Monday, February 28, 2011

Three weeks

Our little man is three weeks old today!  It's amazing, really, that we have been home for so long and that we have been on our own without Mom and Mike helping out for almost a week!

Colin is growing well.  I can't be certain but based on my non-medical grade scale, he is right at 8 pounds and I can definitely see a difference when I look at him.  He is awake much more than he has been and at the end of the afternoon today I realized that he really was awake for more than he was asleep.  The naps he did take today were quickly interrupted by his desire to eat - the 3 week growth spurt is real!  He has been eating more and more over the past couple of days and I know that I'll make it through this then I'm hoping for more long-term periods of sleep (hey, I'd even be happy with three hours at one stretch at night).

I'm not doing as well as I should be with sleeping when he sleeps during the day mostly because I don't feel hugely tired until 3 or 4 in the afternoon.  Right now, for instance, I'm dragging.  But it's already after 6:00 so I'm not going to take a nap now - I'll eat dinner and get to bed early.  Only, that doesn't mean sleep, it means bits and pieces of rest (today it's been no more than 2 hours without eating at a time).

Our glider got her on Saturday and I love it!  It's so much nicer than nursing in bed.  That said, I'm attempting to convince Colin to sleep in his crib.  I lasted a short 2 hours last night, most of which I was asleep in the glider in his room, before bringing him back to his bassinet.  I did however have him sleep in his bassinet rather than in our bed for the majority of the night.  Maybe tonight will be more successful!  I think the crib is so big to him that he feels like he needs to move around so much and ends up waking himself up.  He also makes lots of noises while he sleeps and if he is in the nursery I have no idea if he's awake and upset or asleep just making noises (since he still isn't much of a crier).

We have more pictures, not uploaded yet.  Most of them are on my phone so I'll work to get those uploaded in the next couple of days.  If you are on Facebook, feel free to look me up; I can upload pictures from my phone directly to Facebook so I don't have to have them downloaded here first.

There is really nothing big to report - and I guess that is good, right?  We are loving having Colin at home and once we make it through this growth spurt, maybe we'll all get more rest??  Well, I guess the baby and the daddy get decent rest, it's just mommy right now that doesn't.  All in good time, though, I'm sure!

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