Thursday, March 3, 2011

Colin's nursery

One of the many things I was planning on doing the week between when Colin was born and when he was supposed to be born was organize the nursery.  As my mom can attest, when they got here, the nursery was full of all kinds of things that did not belong in the nursery - things from when the room was a guest room and a repository for all things that I wanted to deal with later.  Seriously, I found a gift card that was given to us as a wedding present over 2 years ago in that room!

So with Mom and Mike's help, I was able to get the nursery at least to the point where we could put clothes in Colin's dresser and see the crib mattress (which had previously been covered with anything and everything I wanted to throw in there but didn't want to put on the ground).  It was so bad that I didn't want to take pictures to remember what the nursery looked like when he came home from the hospital.

In the past week or two, I have actually gone beyond the organized chaos that was the nursery and gotten it put somewhat together.  There are still things that need to be done like put up decorations on the wall and find an area rug for the floor, but for now, I'm loving the fact that everything is organized and so easy to keep that way (I know, once he gets older it will be harder to keep clean and organized, but I'm loving it right now.

The crib and bookshelf
Changing table/dresser with the few decorations we have currently
A close up of the reading/nursing corner

Oliver loves the nursery - I'm not convinced he hasn't slept in the crib himself..

All the furniture is from a local store called Guys and Dolls.  It's family owned and has been in business in Aurora since 1953.  The service we received was fabulous and the fact that they simply held on to our furniture for months until we were ready to have it delivered was in and of itself wonderful (since we ordered the furniture before the guest room downstairs was ready to go and the nursery was still acting as a guest room).

The chair is from a company called Best Chair that is out of Indiana (also purchased at Guys and Dolls).  It is seriously one of the best investments we have made and it's only been in the house a week.  We ordered it when I was 36 weeks pregnant knowing that it would take 4-6 weeks for delivery.  That said, we spent our first few weeks at home with me nursing only on the bed and occasionally in the chair in the living room.  The first time I nursed in this chair, I was hooked.  Also, it is a savior on nights I have slept in the nursery.  It fully reclines and is very comfortable.  On nights that Colin is not interested in the crib, we have been known to sleep in the chair (twice so far...).

You may notice that there isn't a bedding theme in Colin's room.  Here's what there is to say about that - you aren't supposed to have bumpers, you can't use blankets or quilts in the bed, yet every themed bedding set comes with both bumpers and quilts.  So I can't bring myself to buy a set that I'm not going to be able to use anything except the crib sheet and the bed skirt (which really adds up to less than half of the set when you take in to account the amount of fabric used to make all the pieces of the set).  I'm still looking for a bed skirt but am realizing those are hard to come by on their own.  And I think once the decorating is done on the walls, it will make the fact that he has no "theme" to his bedding much less noticeable.

You'll also notice the the bookshelf is already full of books.  That is just a small number of all the books I have received from various showers and hand-me-downs from friends - I haven't bought him one book yet.  When the rest of the books get here from my Atlanta shower, there is going to be some rearranging because there will be no place to put the books.  I am so lucky to have so many people who want Colin to be a smart, well rounded kiddo.  Even reading to him this young is so important for him in his development.

As we get the rest of the nursery decorated and put together, I'll try to remember to put up some updated pictures.  The goal is to have that done before I go back to work at the beginning of May, so we'll see.

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