Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I know, it's not until tomorrow but we celebrated this weekend at the Denver St Patrick's Day Parade.  We met some friends downtown for a nice day of parade watching and hanging out.  Colin's friend Zander was there and they got along famously - well, ignored each other at least like all good 4-5 week old babies do.  I would have loved him to wear the St Patrick's Day outfit that his cousin wore two years ago, but it is 3-6 months so it essentially goes from his shoulders to his toes... we had to settle for a shirt with green on it so he wouldn't get pinched.
Sleeping through the parade - a very noisy parade, I might add

Amy and Zander (6 days younger and a bit bigger than Colin)

Colin and Daddy

Having lots of fun hanging out at lunch

He's under there nursing - at the table in a restaurant!

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