Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Magical Swing

I promise that this isn't a baby catapult like it looks like in the video, but it is a magic swing.  Colin loves to sit there and look out the window to his right (over the cats, of course) and usually is calmed by just hanging out there.  Inevitably, Colin will fall asleep while sitting in the swing.  Just recently, I have started actually turning on the swing rather than just swinging it manually even though I think it goes a little too fast for such a little man - see the video above and imagine how fast it would have been going with a baby about 1.5lbs lighter!  (And I'll admit, the video doesn't make it look so fast, but I swear it's faster in person!)

The magic of the swing?  It enables mom to get a shower with no one else home... since someone has an aversion to napping in his crib.  Granted, I haven't really spent that much time trying, but whenever I put him down for a nap in the crib, he won't sleep for more than 20 minutes but in the swing he's slept for up to an hour during the day.  I may make it sound like he's awake all day, but he's really not.  He just likes to take quick naps here and there all day long - usually lasting no longer than 2 hours before he's up for good again to eat (and no, those 2 hours are not all consecutive... we're still working on that).  But for now, I'll keep the magic swing to help him sleep as much as he can during the day.  Just look how peaceful he is...

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