Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where have we been??

It's been a couple of weeks, I know. But we have been busy, busy, just not a lot of time to write. On top of that, I have been on night shift and that always messes with my time management skills. So on to some updates...

Moose is doing alright, but not great. We took him back last week for lab work and it showed that two labs are coming down in value, which is good, but one is going up. So he is on two more medicines now, one that he takes every 3 days and one that is every day. Needless to say he is getting better and better at taking his meds - we have to wrap him up in a town and force them down, but at least he doesn't try to bite or scratch and is resigned to the fact that he has to take them. Also, he's still not eating on his own so we are force feeding him at least twice a day, if not more. Mike and I are both ready for him to be back to himself. Last night he did actually sit with me and purr which I haven't heard for a long time.

Our sod still looks good - except for where Trucker pees (but I guess you have to deal with that, right?). And Trucker doesn't go like a normal boy dog, lifting his leg. He pees like a girl so there are big concentrated circles of urine-killed grass. We now have to start diluting the urine where he pees just after he pees to try to dilute out the nitrogen waste that causes the burning. We also just built a raised bed garden for my vegetables! Hopefully this weekend I will get them planted and we'll start seeing some veggies coming up for my own salads at home!!

Mike is starting at Metro State next Tuesday on the way towards his teaching license in special education. He has often talked about this and has decided he want to take the plunge. He will continue landscaping in the summer but will also be teaching during the school year. His program will last 2 years. As I start to understand better, I'll share info - but for now I know he has two classes this summer and 3, I think, next fall. We are both very excited.

But the biggest news to share is that we are finally going on a honeymoon!!! We are going to Hawaii at the end of July/first of August for 2 weeks. We will be backpacking on the Kalalau Trail for 4 nights, staying in a house for about 6 nights, then staying at a resort the last two. I am so excited to be able to do nothing but sit around and go to the beach! So we will do some backpacking this summer so Mike knows what he is getting in to and then we will continue making plans!

Nothing else big over here - but I must send you to my sister's blog because there are some ADORABLE pictures of my nephew, Tilden. My mom's blog has some, too. I hate being this far away from my family, but at least through the blogs I can keep up with what's going on with everyone. I'll say I never thought we'd be a blogging family, but here we are!!

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  1. Glad to hear Moose is doing better - I've been wondering. Sorry he's still not 100%.

    Exciting news about the teaching,and even more exciting news about Hawaii! You guys will have a blast - that is so wonderful! :)

    Miss you so much - can't wait to get some vacation again one day where I can bring Hayden to come see you all! :)