Tuesday, May 10, 2011


As I may or may not have alluded to previously, we have recently found out some exciting news for our family - Mike has a new job!  He has accepted a position in the management training program with CSX and will be starting his training in a few short weeks!  With this new position comes a move for us from Denver, a city that we love, where we met, fell in love, got married, started our life together, and had Baby C (and yes, he is still called that in this house).  We have been so blessed with our friends in Denver (not our only friends, I promise, just those who have blogs) who have truly become our family and it will be very difficult to leave them, but we know it's for the best and we are so excited to start a new chapter of our lives and to be moving closer to family, too.

Along with this move and Mike's training starting so quickly, it puts us in a strange situation.  I am sticking around here for a while (still figuring out exactly how long "a while" really is) and Mike will be in training mainly in the Atlanta area.  We have to get the house ready to put on the market, figure out when will be the best time for me to join him in the Atlanta area (and hopefully get a travel nursing position), where we'll end up living after his training (OK, that is for CSX to decide but it's still the biggest piece of the puzzle), and get ourselves across the country.

Luckily we have some great family who have graciously given up weeks of their lives to come to Denver to stay with me.  Along the way the house is getting put together, I'm weeding out all the extra "stuff" we have accumulated in the 3 short years we have lived in this house, and starting to get ready to say goodbye.  I just keep reminding myself that almost 8 years ago, I packed up everything I had in Atlanta to move to a city where I knew no one, accepting my job before I had even come to visit Denver, and look where it got me.  So now I'm going to pack up my life with my husband and son and start anew again, just different this time.

And as for where we could be going, Mike is going to be a roadmaster so he will have a section of track that is his responsibility.  That said, it could really be anywhere.  It sounds like we will be able to give preferences of geographical area we'd like to be in but obviously the final decision comes down to where the company needs him.  I'm a planner and not knowing where we are ultimately heading is really driving me crazy, but I guess there's not much you can do!

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  1. I have to tell you again how crazy excited I am that y'all will be closer to us! Everything will be great and, just think, no matter where you end up, you'll be closer to family than you were before!

    Love you!