Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Months Old

Hmm... so maybe we have already hit the three and a half month mark, and maybe I don't have any pictures to share, but something amazing has happened - my baby has turned in to an infant.  I know it was happening little by little, but one day I woke up and Colin wasn't such a little baby anymore.  My mom and my mother in law both say that he still cries like a newborn, which I have to agree with, but everything else about him seems more and more grown up.  For lack of a better way to share how much he's grown, I'll just make a list...

  • Instead of sleeping off and on all day he has started to take on a bit of a schedule - he'll take a long nap mid-morning then another short nap in the afternoon and a short nap in the evening.  That's not to say that he does that every day without fail, but it's pretty close
  • Sleeping at night is still a work in progress - anywhere from waking up a couple to three times a night to eat.  We normally get one good stretch but after that all bets are off.  It doesn't bother me that much though because usually I am out of bed, have fed him, cuddled him, and back in bed in about 10-15 minutes.  I know I'm very lucky and can't really complain because he's such a quick eater.
  • He loves to stand up unless he is very tired (then his legs are like wet noodles).  He'd LOVES his ExerSaucer and all the sounds that come with it.  It was by far one of the best gifts we were given for the shower.
  • He enjoys being outside.  When he was cranky and nothing else worked, my in laws found that taking him around the yard was enough to get him entertained - usually...
  • He does not enjoy being in his car seat.  My nephew started bucking out of his car seat when he was much older than my three month old little man.  He especially hates it when he is already cranky and he has strong legs that make it very difficult to get him buckled in (see above - he loves to stand...)
  • He likes to flirt with lights on the ceiling.  It doesn't matter if the light is on or off, he will look at it and give a sly grin.
  • He looks you very seriously in the face then breaks out in to a huge grin - gets me every time!
  • Once he is finally able to sit upright on his own, he'll be a new guy; he tries all the time, even when he is in the car seat or bouncy seat.
  • He hasn't figured out turning from back to tummy yet but still enjoys to practice rolling from tummy to back.
  • Sucking his thumb is great as long as he isn't in bed; once he is in the bed, he has to have either nothing at all or a pacifier.  I can't convince him that his thumb will always be there (but looking back on my thumb sucking habit, maybe that's not such a bad thing)
I promise I'll get a picture of Colin and Pooh Bear for his 4 month birthday, but seeing as we are already just 12 days from 4 months, I'll just share some cute ExerSaucer pictures that mom caught yesterday.

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