Wednesday, August 17, 2011

6 month stats

My sister once pointed out that Colin doesn't actually smile, he just opens his mouth really big... I must admit, since she mentioned it, I have noticed that is entirely true!  Lucky for him his eyes are smiling so people can tell he is happy and not angry.

I'm such a big boy!
Anyway, on to the point of our post...  We had our 6 month checkup today and all is well.  In typical fashion, I made sure that everything was okay the whole time she was doing her assessment - no murmur? his lungs sound good? any teeth yet? is he growing well?  I was reminded by both the nurse and the doctor that in our profession, we really know too much.  The nurse and I agreed that it can be good and bad...

But that aside, here are the stats from today:
  • 16 pounds 6 ounces - 45%
  • 25.75 inches - 40%
  • Head Circumference - 70%
She was happy with his growth on the growth chart and impressed with his developmental milestones.  I have been concerned lately that he is not growing as well as he should - or rather than I'm not producing as much as I should - so I wanted to really get those questions answered.  She said that we really have nothing to worry about but since his next well child exam isn't until 9 months, it wouldn't be out of left field to have him come in for a growth check in a month.  Better to catch at 1 month than at 3.  So we will go back in about a month (more to appease me, I really think) to make sure he's following his curve.

We still have no teeth but I think I can see where they are on the way.  With my luck though, they'll be "on the way" for months...  Colin continues to chew on anything he can get his hands on and drool like crazy.  I keep thinking I see something coming in but every day, no dice.

He moves all the time - I guess I just assumed all babies moved like him but everyone seems to comment on how much he moves and that he doesn't ever stop.  I guess he is continuing to live up to his nickname, Squirmy Worm (sometimes just Worm for short).  When he gets mad and wants something you are not giving him fast enough, he kicks his legs.  When you change his diaper (which he is not a fan of these days), he rolls to his tummy and tries < unsuccessfully > to eat the wipe warmer.  When he is laying on his tummy he moves backwards very well.  In fact, on the table at the doctor's office today, he moved from one end backwards to the other end twice while we were waiting for her to come in for his checkup... pre-crawling here we come!

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  1. Make sure he is getting charted on these charts!!

    The picture is ADORBS. I hope I get to meet him in person eventually!!