Friday, August 12, 2011

Surprising us every day

Mike came home this afternoon for a last minute trip since it will be a while before he can come home again.  We were in Atlanta together just a couple weeks ago and Colin has changed so much in just a short time...

He turned 6 months old this past Sunday - amazing, I know!  He has started sitting up on his own and depending on how tired he is will stay that way for quite a few minutes at a time.  He did fall over and bump his head this morning while sitting (even with me right there) and he wasn't a fan of that, but overall he loves his new found view.

He loves to make - or attempt to make - raspberries.  I noticed it for the first time while he was playing on the floor right after we got back from Atlanta.  Then the sitter said he did it plenty the next day and continues to do it more every day.

After 6 full months, he is officially becoming a thumb sucker.  He comes by it honestly, since mom and dad were both thumb suckers... let's just hope he kicks the habit well before either of us did.  Colin has always appeared to have the tendency for thumb sucking from the first days home from the hospital (and even before, as a matter of fact) but it was always few and far between the times he would keep it in his mouth for any length of time.  Colin was hanging out with Allison and Charlotte while I got to sleep in a little bit on our excursion to Westcliffe this week and when I got out of bed he was asleep in Charlotte's arms with his thumb in his mouth.  I didn't think much of it since we'd had times here and there where he would suck his thumb but never more than once in a day.  So that afternoon after we got back to Denver, he was throwing a fit about being in the car and I clearly couldn't get back to him to give him his paci again so he decided the thumb would do it - he fell asleep twice in the car with his thumb in his mouth.  Then that night, I was curious if he would do it in bed, too.  (For the record, I haven't encouraged or discouraged thumb sucking; I figure if he's going to do it, he is going to do it.)  I put him down with his paci in this mouth but went back in to check on him and found this instead:

He tends to do it when he is sleepy but still hasn't fully figured it out.  Tonight for example, when I put him down for bed I didn't give him a paci because he had already been sucking his thumb as we were getting ready for bed.  After about 20 minutes, though, he was started having "panicked" crying (the crying he does when I know he isn't going to fall back asleep on his own) so I went him, snuggled for a few minutes, was a sucker and brought him back out of his room since daddy was home for a visit, and then daddy put him back in bed with the paci.  By the time he fell asleep, the paci was no where in sight and the thumb was in his mouth.

Our current fun with sleeping will be another post altogether but I am happy to report that Colin has figured out sleeping 10-12 hours a night!  He goes down between 6 and 7 as a rule and is up around 6 or 6:30 for the most part.  Usually once per night we'll have a wake up but I don't go in there and he puts himself back to sleep within 5 minutes or so.  So now we are working on day time naps.  Yesterday he did two separate 2 hour naps for the sitter but not so lucky for me today...

I have many more updates I'm sure, most importantly, his official stats from the doctor for 6 months.  The appointment is next week but I'm guessing he is somewhere near 26 inches and 16 pounds.  He has the cutest rolls on his legs so at least I know what he's getting from me is doing him good!  We may try some solids this weekend so Mike is here to see it!  It should be interesting!!

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