Monday, January 10, 2011

Allison Lewis Photography

A while ago, when Mike and I decided we'd be going home for Thanksgiving, I decided to contact an old college friend, Allison Lewis, owner of Allison Lewis Photography, to see if her and her family would be in Atlanta for Thanksgiving.  She is an INCREDIBLE photographer and I was so excited to see if she'd be interested in or even able to take pictures of my nephew for a Christmas present for my sister.  Along the way I thought we'd get a couple of pictures of my sister and I (I don't know the last time we had professional pictures of us taken other than at our weddings) and a few of Mike and I as kind of maternity shots.  Thankfully, not only were her and her family in town, but she said she'd be thrilled to take pictures while we were both in the same place.  

Now, let me explain - we live in Colorado, they live in Birmingham, yet we met up in Atlanta to get pictures done...  I know it's a funny way to do things, but I would do it again in a heart beat.  My sister was worried about how Tilden would react but he was wonderful.  Allison truly has a gift for photography that includes getting toddlers to feel comfortable with her, even when they are normally shy around new people.  She also was pretty good at getting Mike and I comfortable with pictures.  We both were feeling a little self conscious but she had us warmed up by the end and we ended up with some fabulous pictures of us as well.  Here are just a few from the day - all pictures courtesy of Allison Lewis Photography.

Mike wasn't all too sure about picking me up, clearly

I absolutely LOVE this picture!
Thank you so much, Allison, for being willing to come out in the freezing cold weather to take such fabulous pictures!  I know my sister is planning on using you again and we will be, too, if you'll have us!  And any of you in the Birmingham area, get in touch with Allison - you won't regret it!

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