Monday, January 10, 2011

35 weeks.... wow how time flies!

**Keep reading below this post - there are a few new ones posted in chronological-ish order updating our past month and a half since Thanksgiving**

So here I am - all almost 30 extra pounds of me.  I was 34 weeks 4 days when this picture was taken and as of tomorrow I'm officially 35 weeks (although I tend to get to Saturday and upgrade myself from one week to another if you want to know the honest truth... that is, by the time I get to work this weekend, I'll be saying I'm 36 weeks if someone asks).  You'll have to forgive the quality of the picture, it's from my phone because it is all we had with us at the time.

Things are going well.  We had a doctors appointment on Friday of last week and I have one more two week break between appointments then I'll be on to weekly appointments.  Everything measures well and the head is still down so all is good on that front.

We met with the midwife in the practice because my doctor was over delivering twins so it was really exciting to get her take on everything.  She really spent time with me answering questions and talking to me about different options.  I was able to explain to her what was important to me in the way of my birth and get her opinion on if my doctor was as supportive as he says of all those things.  Even though he says he is, I'm sure it's easy to just seem to agree, right??  It was good to hear from her that in her opinion he will go with me in the way of my non-medicated preferences and he really isn't too pushy with interventions unless really necessary.  I'm not going to really expound upon what my plans are for birth other than to say that it will hopefully be what I want it to be.  I'm not against interventions, I know they are necessary in some instances, but I'm also not going in looking for interventions.

I only worked two days in a row this past weekend because of the way I had written my schedule so Mike and I could spend time in the mountains with my family who was up there skiing.  Even after two days in a row, I was exhausted.  The one problem with weekend plan is that you have to work all three of your shifts in a row.  Luckily, I have switched shifts with people here and there so I only have two weeks of actually doing 3 in a row which will be nice.  And scarily enough, I only have 14 shifts left at all!  I'm only scheduled through February 12th and while I'm sure I could get added to the schedule if I wanted to, I'm fairly certain that I'm not going to be asking for extra shifts anytime between now and then.  Since 32 weeks, it has really hit me working 12 hour shifts.  I think I was so lucky to feel so good throughout this pregnancy that I was blind sided when I really started getting exhausted again.  And even today, I was so spent that I didn't accomplish much but did take a nice nap this afternoon.

The downstairs room is all done and furniture is moved - all except the mattresses.  We are getting our furniture delivered this week and the only thing left to buy is a mattress for the baby (who won't be sleeping in that for a couple of months - more on that later) and a glider.  We are having quite a time choosing between gliders.  Part of me wants an upholstered one because it will integrate so easily in to our furniture after being in the baby's room and part of me really likes a wood one we saw while shopping at BabiesRUs today.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

I'm going to keep nesting now - more later.  I PROMISE!!  (I know, most of you don't believe me, but I'm trying... I even have a list of entries I want to make to catch up on the past month or so of what's been going on!)


  1. Completely agree with Jenni. You'll spend so many hours in that rocker, including some naps. You'll want it to be as 'cushy' as possible!

  2. You look absolutely adorable, by the way!!!