Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Trees in Colorado

I was cancelled one day at work and it turned out to be the same day Mike was set to go cut down our Christmas tree with friends of ours.  This is the an annual tradition started by the couple that are responsible for introducing Mike and I but normally I'm not able to go because I worked the night before or I worked that day or something like that.  Last year Mike and I made it to cut our own tree but missed meeting up with the group because he had to work that morning.  So the fact that we all made it together this year was really special.

The day started early with Mike making his famous spiced apple cider to take along for the day.  He made me a special thermos since I wasn't able to actually drink his version.  I hear it was good though - and my own non-alcoholic version was great, too.  We built a fire and searched for the perfect tree, hung out with the dogs, ate some fabulous snacks, and overall just enjoyed time together.  One of the couples won't be in Denver and Mike and I clearly will be chasing a little one, so it will be a different experience next year to be sure!

You can never quite tell what the weather will be like the first weekend of December in Colorado.  This year has been very warm and very dry so we had to search to see any snow.  Last year, though, we trudged through 6-8 inches of snow left on the forest ground that had been there for a couple weeks because there was normal December weather.  It was just brisk enough this year to make the fire a nice addition but not too cold so we weren't enjoying it - as you can see from the pictures.

Mike enjoying the famous apple cider from a McDonald's cup - alongside his beer.

Trucker was worn out by trying to keep up with the other 2 dogs that were there that day (and his shoulder was hurting from arthritis).

Mike and Andy chillin' by the fire

Ashleigh and Melissa doing the same

The best tree we have ever cut down

Smoky the Bear is always there for the photo opportunity

The tree fully decorated with Trucker sleeping next to it (taken from my phone)

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