Monday, January 10, 2011

Home for Thanksgiving

Mike and I went to Atlanta for Thanksgiving to spend our last trip out of state with my family.  They actually have been getting cooler weather than we have and our trip home was no different.  We stayed with my sister and spent plenty of time with my mom and stepdad, too, along with time here and there with other family and friends.

Thanksgiving day we went to my aunt and uncle's in Peachtree City to get to catch up with the whole family.  Needless to say, it's near impossible to successfully catch up with 50 or so people, but we really tried.  And I think there were one or two people who Mike hadn't met before and the majority of the rest he had only met once or twice.  So overall it was a great day.  Again, since I didn't have my camera, I'm stealing from my family members who actually took some pictures.  :)

I'm not sure what the goofy look on my face is all about here...

I love my cousins!  I really wish that I were closer to home to spend more time with them.  My sister (on the left) and I are the oldest of 23 grandkids so I have watched these ladies grow up - one is a senior in college and I used to spend LOTS of time babysitting her and the other is a senior in high school - I can't believe she's about to start college!

One thing that would have been great to get a picture of would have been me and my cousin Ashley.  She and her husband welcomed their first child, beautiful Savannah Lea, just a day after Mike and I left Atlanta so we just missed getting to meet her.  So after my nephew and Savannah, Baby C/Baby Naughton (whatever you'd like to call it is fine with us) will make great-grandchild #3!  Congratulations, Ashley and Jacob!  I can't wait for them to get to meet each other this spring and have a play date (as much of a play date as you can with a 2 and 4 month old I suppose).  :)

My fabulous sister also hosted a baby shower for me while I was at home and my family chipped in to get me and Mike and awesome BOB Revolution stroller.  We decided on the chocolate and blue combination.  Leave it to Mike and I to specifically wait until it was on sale, too.  According to our friends are REI, these strollers never go on sale and are not eligible for using the 20% off coupons they have.  So thanks to snooping by mom and my stepdad, we found out they would be on sale at the end of the year clearance!  So we held off on buying until the sale started and ended up saving 15%.  Turns out, Amazon and BabiesRUs were having the same sale so I guess we weren't too special but hey, we're just glad to find it on sale!

I can't find where my mom has posted any pictures, so I'm stealing these again from family on Facebook.  (I really do take my own pictures, I just didn't while we were in Atlanta.)
The hostess with the most-ess and another of my beautiful cousins... again, when did they grow up enough to go to college?!?
The black dress hides the actual size of the belly!
I'll work on locating more photos from the shower because I know my mom took plenty... once I find them I will definitely update the post (or just create a new post).

Thank you, Jenni, for an amazing shower and for having Mike and I in your home for Thanksgiving!  We had a great time and I could go on for days about Mike and Tilden playing together, but I think that's another post altogether.  We love you!!

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