Monday, April 25, 2011

First Trip to Atlanta

On the Wednesday before Easter, Colin and I boarded the plane all on our own to head out to Atlanta for a week.  It would be the first time my sister and nephew, as well as the entire Williams clan, had met Colin so we were very excited to make the trip.  I was a little apprehensive about going on my own with him but it worked out fine.  We got to the gate with plenty of time, the people at Frontier were wonderful, he ate as we were taking off and landing and slept most of the time in between.  I must say, I will always be having an aisle seat with a baby from now on!  It was so much easier.

Deedee and Papa picked us up from the airport and we headed out to meet my sister and nephew for dinner.  Deedee was excited to get some Colin time and I had one more bottle I needed to get eaten before it wasn't good anymore so I was glad to share that, too.

My sister was obviously very excited to meet Baby C so needless to say, I wasn't doing much holding on my own that evening (or since I have been here, really).  I was expecting some kind of funny reaction from my nephew but alas, all he wanted was pizza and pineapple.  So, I don't have any great reaction pictures from that... but we got good pictures later in the week.

The week has been filled with lots of new friends and family, relaxing, surprisingly good sleeping habits on the baby's part, and overall good times.

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