Monday, April 18, 2011

Traveling to Indiana

When Colin was about 5 weeks old, we made our first trip.  We went to see Mike's family in Indiana.  We knew that it would be hard for the girls to get out here to see him and Mike was on spring break, so it seemed like the perfect time to go introduce him to Indiana life.

Colin did great on the plane both ways.  He wasn't too sure about the ride on the train from the terminal to the concourse as you can see in the first picture, but once we were on the plane, he was just hanging out with daddy or in the wrap with mommy.  After nursing in a seat that was barely wider than me (I was in the middle both ways), I decided that pumping and feeding from a bottle would be better on the way home - it was much better for both of us, I think. Colin slept in the Sleepy Wrap and rarely made a peep.

Colin made many friends while we were in Indiana.  He got to meet his cousins who were so excited to hold him and play with him.  I know as he gets older, he will enjoy it just as much.  Aunt Amy took much better pictures than I did so I took some of hers that she shared on Facebook to share here.

Taking it all in

We also made a trip to South Bend to see Ally (and Mike's friend Paul, too).  Like so many people did for me when I was in college, we took Ally to lunch.  The first place we tried to go told us "We're a pub, you can't have the baby in here."  Apparently the smoking laws in Indiana, if you have smoking all over, you are considered a pub and it's not a family friendly establishment.  We aren't used to this at all because there is no smoking anywhere inside buildings in Colorado for the most part.  So instead, we ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings where there is a completely separate smoking area with separate ventilation.  Therefore, baby was welcome.  Colin was all smiles for Ally but the closest we got to getting it on camera was this:

Our last night in Indiana, Mike and his friend Scott decided that they wanted to try to eat the Big Ugly Burger from Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream in Carmel.  The burger is one pound after cooking (it starts out at 22 oz) and you have to eat everything on the burger platter to get your picture on the wall.  That means, if you forget to ask for the server to leave off the lettuce, pickles, onion, and/or tomato, you have to eat them all.  They both went in to it not sure if they'd succeed, but they did...

Overall, we had a great time in Indiana.  It was great to get to just sit down and relax for a while - and someone always wanted to hold the baby!  This trip is where we decided that Colin does indeed have a cranky time every night - it was just two hours later there than at home.  It was so nice to be with the whole family and for Sally and Mike to get their first picture with all their grandchildren!

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