Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Friends

As I mentioned before, Colin had lots of opportunities to meet new friends while we were out in Atlanta.  Many of my friends from there have kids so we had some play dates and dinners out.

Friday we met up with my friend Megen and her two kiddos.  Her daughter, Sarah, was one of my flower girls in the wedding and is also my goddaughter.  We met up to do pictures of her and I for her first communion.  I didn't get any pictures from the photo session - that was all Megen - but I did get some great pictures of spending time with the three of them at dinner.

Saturday, my friend Chris was able to come by and meet Colin.  We had a wonderful visit, even if it was too short.  We played with the baby, went to get some lunch, and threw in some time for toddler wrangling at the end of the afternoon.

As Chris was leaving, the big play date was just getting started.  My friends Lindsey and Bill brought their two boys, Zachary and Joshua, who are 2 and 4 respectively, and my friend Bonnie brought her daughter, Hayden, who is also 2.  The 2 year olds (including my nephew) were all in our wedding in their own special way - their moms were pregnant as bridesmaids in the wedding.  At least it was 3 pregnant and 3 non-pregnant so it was even!

The boys had a blast playing together and it gave me an idea of what I'm in for in a couple of years.  The whole time I have been here and watching my nephew with all his energy, I just can't imagine Colin being that way two years from now... but I'm sure it will be that way.  Hayden, on the other hand, was not quite as sure what to do with all the loud boys.  She plays with lots of boys at school but wasn't as comfortable with the boys around here.  She spent lots of time up with mama but did finally get to the toys when the boys went outside to play with balls. 

Colin, again, was asleep in the middle of the chaos.  And he must have been sleeping soundly because he was in his signature pose.

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