Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

We had a great time at Easter with the Williams clan.  As my sister and I were driving home, we were counting up how many people were there and we think the final number was 55.  Most of them were there at the same time, but there were some that didn't necessarily overlap.  Seeing as my mom is the oldest of 12 children and there are 23 grandchildren and now 3 great-grandchildren, you can see how it may get kind of crazy.

The Easter Bunny did make a stop for the boys in Atlanta and you can see, he knows that it's best to have the same thing for each boy.  The bunnies were something my sister came across, Bunnies for BugembeHere is the original story of how they came to be.  It's kind of amazing that for the bunny that Colin got from the Easter bunny, another child is getting one, too, halfway around the world.

My nephew's on the left, Colin's on the right complete with sunglasses

I stayed home and watched the boys while my sister went to mass then Colin and I met my mom and Mike for mass.  Colin couldn't have cared less although the incense did wake him up.  But once I was holding him he was back asleep for the duration.

Soon after church we headed up to my aunt's.  Colin and I had gotten to see a couple of my family members on Friday afternoon, including my grandma, so it wasn't that no one had seen him yet, but walking up the driveway it did take a few minutes to make it inside because everyone was so excited to meet him.

He promptly fell asleep amidst all the craziness and slept in his car seat in the kitchen with everyone running in and out and being noisy for probably at least an hour or so.

Then the holding marathon started.  Everyone was clamoring for a chance to see and hold C so it was quite a fun time getting to watch him meet everyone.  Below (around the big picture of Grandma) we have a family friend, Kathy, my cousin Lindsay, Grandma Dugie, my aunt Karen, and my cousin Christy. 

There was an Easter egg hunt but Colin was too tired to partake.  I went inside to put him in the Ergo to hunt for Easter eggs and found him still being passed around and quite asleep at the same time.  So we just watched the little kids hunt from the cool, air-conditioned kitchen.

The three great-grandchildren were all there.  My nephew was the first two years ago, then my cousin Ashley had Savannah follow by Colin two months later.  We happened to have Savannah and Colin by each other and then my nephew happened by to see what was going on and it gave us a great opportunity to get the first picture of the most recent generation.

At the end of the day it was just my sister and nephew, Colin, and I hanging out at home.  My nephew was nice enough to get a card for Colin and he knew that Colin also needed a little help opening it. 

It was a great day with lots of seeing family and catching up.  We don't make it home to Atlanta often enough so the times we are able to get here it's always a party.

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  1. Love all the pictures, but especially the one of Grandma Dugie and the great grandkids. Adorable!