Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cat litter

I said I would use this as a way to share little things that we are feeling throughout the pregnancy and this is one of my favorites (actually, it's what gave me the idea in the first place).

I didn't clean the litter box on Saturday - I meant to, I just didn't have the time. Then Sunday rolled around and here I am officially pregnant so now I can't clean the litter boxes. Mike knew that once I was pregnant I couldn't clean the litter boxes so he told me he'd take care of it Sunday. Tuesday morning rolled around and I asked him if he had cleaned them yet and he said no but that he was going to do it right now (which he did). I went down to ask him something and he was about to start cleaning the boxes but told me I had to get out of the room because he didn't know what it would do to me and the baby if I was around while he cleaned them. I just thought it was so sweet and cute!

I'm so excited that he is so excited, too. He is definitely feeling different things than I am right now and I think he believes it more than I do because he's not waiting for symptoms and morning sickness like I am. I really will feel more pregnant once those things come to pass.

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