Friday, June 18, 2010

Online message boards

If you search for ANYTHING regarding pregnancy online you will every once in a while get some very valid information but you are most often referred to BabyCenter message boards or some other pregnancy website message board. My favorite (and I say that somewhat sarcastically) is when I do a quick search to see if I can drink diet drinks or eat bacon and you get all these responses that say "I did that my entire pregnancy and my kid is great and healthy!! Everyone who tells you that you can't while you are pregnant is just crazy!". I mean, I'm glad your pregnancy went well and all, but usually there is a reason that your physician tells you not to do something during pregnancy. I'm working to not be too obsessive, but I'm also trying very hard to follow the rules.

That said, I'm getting a list of questions ready to ask the doctor come July 9th. I want to know if I can still ride my bike, I want to know how much caffeine is actually OK (I'm sticking with one small cup of soda - regular, not diet - or less per day), I want to see the heartbeat so I know that things are developing well... As I read more books (which by the way, also can be one extreme or the other) I come up with more questions. I'm scared to gain too much weight, not enough weight, throw up my entire first trimester, not get enough nutrition for the baby... just so much to worry about in the first trimester.

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