Sunday, June 13, 2010

When to tell

All along I have said that I wasn't going to tell anyone about my pregnancy until I was at least 8-10 weeks along... well, I made it about a week. Actually, I have only told one person outside of work and I trust her to keep the secret. But my downfall is work.

I spend 12 hours at a time at work and am sitting there talking to my coworkers all day. It's really hard when the only thing on your mind is being pregnant to not say anything. I actually cracked day one to the good friend from work who advised me to get the digital pregnancy tests. She knew immediately after Mike and I did just because I needed some girly advice. Then I told her I was going to try to wait until July 9th when I had my first appointment to tell anyone else at work. She told me that may not last... it lasted for about 5 minutes.

Most people at work know that we are at the point where we are thinking about kids. So the second I say I'm tired or I don't feel well or whatever, I'm asked if I'm pregnant. And I decided that I would wait until someone asked before I would tell so that sets me up for telling people when they immediately ask that. And also, I'm a very poor liar when it comes to something like this. Additionally, if something is to go wrong, everyone will find out I'm pregnant anyway because I'll more than likely have to take time off work so it's not like I'd hide it forever. And finally, the ladies I work with are awesome and I really am thrilled to share my excitement with them.

Like I said, outside of work one person knows. I'm really really trying hard to not say anything to anyone else until after our first appointment. Our OB is in an awesome practice that most of my girlfriends from work go to. When I called to schedule my appointment, I asked if there would be an ultrasound - all I want to know is that there is a heart beat and the baby is developing well. I'm excited to say that there will be! It's killing me to know I have to wait until then to know that everything is OK. But that's how it has to be and that's when I'll start telling other people. And I can't wait to share how we are going to tell my mom and my sister!!!!!

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