Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Here we go!

We found out on my birthday that we were going to be parents. Actually, we "faintly" found out on my birthday but we officially found out once I bought the digital test to check the next morning. I have started this blog to talk about the little things that are going on for us right now and to record some of what we are feeling at the moment even though we won't open this to family and friends for a couple months. Either way, here's the story of how Mike and I found out we were going to be parents.

Knowing that we hadn't been trying specifically but had not been preventing getting pregnant, and knowing when a positive test may show up, we decided to, on a whim, take a pregnancy test on my 31st birthday. And when I say "we", the conversation went more like, "Wouldn't it be funny if I were pregnant right now? Maybe I should take a test just to see. There really is no way that it would show positive this early but heck, it's my birthday, what do you think?" At which point Mike said, "Sure, why not?".

So three minutes elapse (I set the timer on my phone) and I go look at the test which showed a VERY faint second line. Between the two of us, we must have looked at that test about 50 times that day trying to decide if we were pregnant or not. On the advice of a good friend, I went to the store and bought the digital "Pregnant"/"Not Pregnant" test and had it ready to take on Sunday morning.

I spent my birthday downtown with some friends at People's Fair and then Mike and I went to dinner with a couple who we have gotten to be good friends with over the past year or so. We made no mention to anyone (well, maybe I said something to a friend because I HAD to ask what a faint line meant) and just went on with our day.

Sunday morning rolled around and I took the test and there was no question it said pregnant - as you can see below:
Again, we must have looked at the test at least another 50 times. We left it in the bathroom all day until after about 24 hours when the digital screen goes blank just so we could go see it again. Not to fear though, on Monday, just to be sure the first two weren't flukes (because at this point I had come to believe the one on my birthday was a positive as well), I took one more. So for a point on Monday we had two tests sitting on the back of the toilet saying "Pregnant". That's something I should have gotten a picture of but by the time I thought of that the first test had gone blank.

To say we are shocked wouldn't be completely true, but it would be a little bit true. It's not like we didn't know it could happen, I'm just still not believing it because I don't feel pregnant by any means. But I have been told to just give it time, soon I will feel pregnant. I guess I should just be happy with how I'm feeling now and read all these books I checked out from the library.

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