Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July

OK, so it's only the 3rd of July but since I'm working the holiday I thought we'd blog "celebrate" today. I was supposed to have a week on my own but it turns out when Mike made his plane reservations to Indiana for a wedding, he made them for a month prior to when he meant to. So he got to the airport to get his boarding pass and they told him there was nothing they could do for him. Unfortunately for him, he missed time at home, but fortunately for me, we get to spend the weekend together! (Maybe I should make plane reservations from here on out...)

I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week so yesterday was a lazy day to catch up on much needed rest. Mike started working on putting rocks out on the portion of the lawn he calls the hell strip - the grass/weed area between the sidewalk and the road. Every year that area becomes an awful overgrowth of nothing more than weeds. We talked about sodding but that's a lot of sod so we instead decided on rocks (pictures to come) which makes me very happy - I HATE pulling those weeds every year.

Today I ran errands while Mike did more rock work and then off to a burrito party for dinner and back home early since I have to work tomorrow and Monday then start getting ready for my trip to Kansas to see my sister, mom, and nephew next weekend!

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