Sunday, July 18, 2010

Trip to Kansas

I went to Kansas to meet up with my mom, sister, and nephew who were there for a conference for my sister's work. Since it is much closer than Atlanta, I decided to get in the car and take the 8 hour road trip to hang out for a few days. I got there on Sunday and stayed until Wednesday because I had to be back at work bright and early on Thursday morning for an 0700 shift (lucky for my I was cost contained so I didn't actually have to work on Thursday and did nothing but rest instead). It was really one of the most fun times I had gotten to spend with my family - just us girls - in a long time! And I hadn't seen my nephew since he was 5 weeks old (WAY too long of course) so that was a blast as well.

The most important part of this trip was to break the big news to my mom and sister. So needless to say, I was waiting with the camera when I shared the news and this is what I saw:
Unfortunately I could not see my mom's face, but I'll bet that it looked something like my sister's. And as you can see, Tilden is quite excited to be wearing his big cousin t-shirt!

Can you believe that he is only 17 months old - he looks like he's at least 2! I'm completely in love with him and can't wait for him to meet his cousin. Unfortunately, it's going to be a little while before we move back towards family (no plans at this point) but we're going to work hard to get home as often as possible and to get family here, too.

So I told my mom and sister on Sunday night then we spent the rest of the week just hanging out. My sister was in meetings all day so mom and I took Tilden out and about. They tell me that he never falls asleep in the car but there must be something about my car because he fell asleep almost every morning when we were running around. I did some research to find a fountain for him to play in because I knew how much he loved water and it was so hot while we were there. At first he wasn't a fan at all but after finding a stick to play with, he decided to go put the stick in the spray of the water and the rest is history. This is the best picture of him from the whole week - and I think the best composition of a photo I have taken in a while (maybe since my photography course in college?!?).

I also gave in and got some maternity clothes. Just for the record, I am not OK with the fact that I'm buying some maternity clothes and I'm only 8-9 weeks pregnant. That said, they are the most comfortable things I own! I'm loving how there is minimal feeling fat though since I'm at the stage where I don't look pregnant, just pudgy. While I know it will eventually become baby right now I'm just a little self conscious.

The week was so much fun although it wasn't fun at all to have to leave on Wednesday (especially since I hadn't been feeling great and I was exhausted) but all in all, it was so worth the long car ride to see them. For a full breakdown of the week - and more pictures - head over to my mom's blog.

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