Saturday, July 31, 2010

How I'm feeling now

It's really amazing how my life has changed in just the last almost-12 weeks. I turn 12 weeks on Tuesday and have an appointment on Wednesday and I can't wait to hear the heartbeat again. I don't know if I'll see the little peanut on ultrasound but just to hear the heartbeat will be great.

My symptoms have been crazy and I thought I'd write them down just to remember where I've come from when this is all over (remember this is as much for Mike and me as it is for sharing with you all).
  • I started with dizziness and overall not feeling fabulous.
  • By 5 and a half weeks I was definitely feeling the nausea and exhaustion but the dizziness went away.
  • Around 8 weeks, I was still nauseous except then it was constant. I'm talking feeling hungover but nothing making it go away - not sleep, not greasy food, nothing! And of course, don't forget the complete and total lack of energy. Seriously, by the time I got to 4 PM at work I was barely able to keep my eyes open, and that doesn't help when you have until 7 PM to go.
  • Around 9 weeks I started getting headaches. For the most part they would come and go but this past week I was nursing one for about 3 days.

So how I'm feeling now is still exhausted (I have learned that pregnancy and night shift - when I haven't worked a night shift since February - don't really mix well), a tiny bit nauseous here and there but overall much better. And I don't talk about all this to say that I'm a baby and want to whine about it all the time, I just want to remember what I was feeling so next time I'm in my first trimester I'll have something to remember this by and the next one to.


  1. KATIE!! congratulations...i had no idea you were expecting. that's fantastic news, and we're so thrilled for you!!

  2. Yea!! We finally get to keep up with this wonderful, fantastic time in your life. We love you and wish we were closer, but the blog will help us feel so much more a part of your pregnancy!! Love ya, Mom/DeeDee

  3. Oh my goodness with the headaches!! I had those too!! They stunk. Apparently they are "normal" but mine have pretty much gone away over the last few weeks. I hope yours go away and stay away too!! I'm so happy and excited for you!!!!!